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5th May, 2014

25th November, 2013
Battle for Rio is a documentary directed by Gonzalo Arijon. It follows the pacification process happening in favelas of Rio De Janeiro

17th October, 2013
Dome Karukoski's "Heart of a Lion" got its premiere at Toronto International Film Festival to great reviews. The end credit song is performered by Jenni Vartiainen and I wrote the string arrangement. Official music video here:

23rd September, 2013
Wrote strings arrangements for these three major single releases:

Jenni Vartiainen - Junat ja Naiset

Sunrise Avenue - Lifesaver

Cheek - Parempi Mies feat. Samuli Edelmann

5th September, 2013
Started working on two films: 1. A French documentary about the favelas of Rio De Janeiro, 2. A feature 3D film with conceptually adventurous storytelling and groundbreaking technology

27th August, 2013
Created a new project called New Sphere in trailer music genre. Two of the tracks were instantly added to world's biggest trailer music company Immediate Music's catalogue.

4th January, 2013
Together with Jukka Immonen, we wrote, directed and shot Anna Puu's music video for her new single "Säännöt Rakkaudelle". Video here.

13th December, 2012
Rovio Entertainment's Christmas song "Fly Me Home Tonight" is now selling on iTunes. I co-wrote, arranged and produced the song. The singers are the amazing Matt Dusk and Saara Aalto.

10th December, 2012

Angry BirdsCo-wrote and produced the main theme in the Christmas 2012 update of Angry Birds Seasons

22nd October, 2012
Two films that I just finished scoring, "IN THE DARK ROOM" (Israel/Germany) and "WHO WILL BE A GURKHA" (Nepal), have been chosen in the same Feature-Length Documentary competition in International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2012. Samples from scores here.

1st October, 2012
Scored the music for the Cinematic Trailer of Rovio's new game Bad Piggies, which hit nr. 1 in App Store in just 3 hours

25th June, 2012
The score for Kung-Fu High Impact was nominated in "BEST ORIGINAL LIGHT MIX SCORE, FRANCHISE"-category at the 11TH ANNUAL NAVGTR AWARDS (National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers)

19th April, 2012
Wrote the score for German documentary In The Dark Room, which was produced by Pandora Film and directed by JOHN SCHLESINGER AWARD winner Nadav Schirman.

26th September, 2011
Finished scoring the new Xbox Kinect Game "Kung-Fu High Impact". Here is a partial soundtrack.

18th April, 2011
The Cannes Gold Lion winning film BSAS 2010 - New standard for environmental action has won the First Prize, the Platinum Remi Award, at Houston International Film Festival. Director was Pami Teirikari and music was made by me.

14th April, 2011
Jenni Vartiainen's SEILI multiplatinum album has sold over 150,000 albums. I wrote orchestra arrangements and conducted on this album.

20th March, 2011
Sunrise Avenue's single "Hollywood Hills" was German airplay #1 in 2011 and Sweden's airplay #1 in 2012. I wrote the string arrangement.

20th June, 2010
The full score for my First Prize winning Agua Nocturna for solo cello and mixed choir is now downloadable here. (Audio)

14th March, 2010
Miika Soini's THOMAS has won the BEST FEATURE FILM PRIZE in 28th Bergamo International Meeting. THOMAS had its international premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2008 and has since toured to over 40 film festivals, winning eight awards.